Unravel Me

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Unravel Me -- Tori. St. Claire

Entangled BRAZEN
ISBN: 978-1503264458
Release Date: February 24, 2014

"The story flowed well and it was a great mix of sexy with a perfect amount of emotional tension."
~ Melissa Kendall, Author
"A story abount exploring your limits, acting of getting your needs fulfilled and finding love along the way."
~ LeAnn's Book Reviews
"Unravel Me is very hot and steamy, but it also has an interesting emotional layer to it that I didn't expect."
~ Read Your Writes
"I really enjoyed this story. Wonderful weekend read."
~ Books-n-Kisses



The soft fall of his voice rasped through the room, exciting and terrifying at the same time. She closed her eyes, tightened her fingers around the doorknob.

One quiet footstep moved him behind her. A chill radiated through her shoulder, where his fingertips brushed her skin as he pushed her hair aside. Another tremor raced down her spine as his breath whispered across the side of her throat. Warm lips closed over her collarbone. In a featherlight caress, he drew the back of his hand down her upper arm. His body heat soaked into her backside, though he had yet to fully touch her.

Slowly, he slipped his arms around her waist and drew her back against his chest. Every hard inch of his magnificent body aligned with hers in perfect splendor. His thighs framed hers. His strong arms kept her from sinking to her knees. Against her shoulder blade she felt the hard, steady beat of his heart. The hard length of his erection nestled between her buttocks, making her yearn for far more. She combated the need to angle her hips, push back against him, and guide the fingertips he splayed across her abdomen lower, to the achy spot between her legs.

“Don’t run away from me,” he murmured as he dusted kisses across her shoulder. “You said you wanted me. This is perfect for both of us. No demands, no commitments. Why are you fighting it?”

She swallowed thickly. Forced her eyes to open. “Why can’t you just leave me be?” Though she tried for a hard edge to her words, to her shame, her voice came out weak, lacking the conviction she so desperately wanted.

Brad gave a slow roll of his hips that tucked his swollen shaft more tightly against her. A quiet groan rumbled in her throat, and she let her head fall back against his chest, her strength now a thing of the past. He skated one hand up her ribs and covered her breast with his warm palm. “Is that what you really want?”

Not in a hundred years. She wanted this. But the sheer level of emotion he stirred inside her was terrifying. It gave him power. Control she had no business relinquishing.

His fingers gave her breast a gentle squeeze, and he dipped the hand at her waist a hairbreadth lower. “I’ll go if you’d rather. I’ll walk out that door, and tomorrow we’ll be right back where we were today.”

Again, his lips skimmed across her shoulder, lingering where her tank top left her bare. “Me wanting to bend you over your desk. You fighting to avoid the desire in my eyes. Both of us yearning for this.” He thrust between her buttocks again slowly, dragging out the contact, making her burn for him in ways she’d never burned for any man. “Is that what you want?”

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