Her Forbidden Risk

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Her Forbidden Risk -- Tori. St. Claire

Entangled BRAZEN
ISBN: 978-1502956378
Release Date: October 20, 2014

"Overall, Her Forbidden Risk was a quick enjoyable read with a HEA!!"
~ Four Chicks Flipping Pages
"This is a delightful little story and I am sure readers who are faithful to Entangled will love it."
~ Kiwi Book Nerds Reviews

She'll complicate his plans in the naughtiest ways...
I guess I'm not in Paris anymore. Emily Gardner has returned to her hometown in Kansas to collect her things after her mother's death. But the moment she steps back into the town, it's like the past has swallowed her up. Memories of her wild and reckless teenaged years. Of her father's disappointment. But it's her childhood crush who wakens something even deeper in Emily...

Mitch Taylor believes in having a Plan. His life, his business?all neat and orderly. But with Emily's return comes a whirlwind of feelings and temptations. Risk. Longing. And ultimately, a desire so strong that Mitch can't help but succumb to it. But Emily won't be tied down. Not to anything or anyone. And with one night of forbidden, sensual delight, all of Mitch's careful control will come completely undone...

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