Shatter Me

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Shatter Me -- Tori. St. Claire

Entangled BRAZEN
ISBN: 978-1943336258
Release Date: May 16, 2015

"Awesome characters, fantastic storyline and a perfect way to lose yourself in the fantasy of a perfect world with a beautiful but damaged heroine and a super hot alpha military man who wants to be a knight in shinning armour!"
~ FMR Book Grind
"I absolutely loved this book! The characters are so well written I felt as if I knew them. Reagan is such a strong female and I loved her determination, her strength, and her courage to move on with her life - no matter who thinks the worst of her for doing so. "
~ Bottles and Books Reviews
"I'd recommend Shatter Me for anyone who enjoys a good, sexy love story and loves to see the real people emerge into the loving couple they always were behind the promises and secrets."
~ Keeper Bookshelf
"This book was hot and I really did enjoy Reagan and Alex together."
~ Fiction Fangirls

Bound by honor, caught by desire...
Former Marine Alex McCray is ripped up inside over the knowledge that his best friend died saving him. Now he's returned to his hometown to honor a promise he made--to take care of his buddy's widow. Semper fidelis. "Always loyal." But Alex's loyalty is about to be tested, because there's never been a time when Reagan Sanders didn't make him burn with desire.

All it takes is one night for Reagan and Alex to give in to the deep, carnal need they've denied themselves for so long. But Reagan has secrets of her own―secrets Alex can never know about her marriage, or the kind of man her husband really was. But one night with Alex isn't enough. Not even close. Now Alex must choose between his sense of honor...and his heart.

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