Black Opals, Book 3
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They exist only in shadow. An elite team of deadly operatives created to satisfy increasing international
threats. Their world is the dark underground, where sin and pleasure dominate and lies are second nature.
To those who cross them, they are professional killers. Within the CIA, they are the rare Black Opals...

Explosive -- Tori. St. Claire

Untamed Spirit Publishing
ISBN: 978-1491244012
Release Date: September, 2013

"I fell in love with this series from the get go. Tori's writing is flawless and engaging and the Black Opals have always managed to have a perfect mix of high stakes suspense and action with a scorchingly hot mix of sex."
~ Under the Covers
"This book seemed to me to have more emotion involved than the other stories. It really sucked me into the story and I did not want to put it down."
~ The Jeep Diva
"Romantic suspense with an interesting relationship twist, Explosive has danger, intrigue, mystery, romance, and steamy sex."
~ Tatooed Book Review

A man on the hunt…
Jayce Honeycutt never imagined returning to his hometown for a wedding would find him confronting the woman he intended to marry. Nor did he anticipate the passion they once knew would burn as hot and bright as ever. Only now Alyssa’s involved with Jayce’s former best friend, and Jayce can’t bring himself to interfere. When he learns Alyssa may be in danger, however, everything changes. As the threats against her life escalate, Jayce will stop at nothing to unveil the secrets she’s hiding. Even if it means risking his heart all over again.

A woman on the run…
Ten years ago, a brutal attack forced Alyssa Martin into a world of solitary darkness. She threw herself into her career, but now her work has led her back into the nightmare of her past and thrust her into a deadly game. When her roommate employs Jayce for her protection, memories compound. She’s never forgotten their shared desire, and her body still craves his masterful touch. Yet Jayce is determined to break down her protective walls, and confiding in him is more frightening than the shadows stalking her. But someone else is determined to control her. To survive, Alyssa must trust in Jayce and bare herself completely.

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